Hairy Pornstars From The Seventies


first off i love this vid. i wish my dentist was like this and im only 11 years old. i know i know my life is fucked the hell up. Omg tis vid is kinky as fuckin fuck. i might have to try this one sometime.
70's/80's ron jeremy was severely fuckable; too bad he's totally let himself go today; a big dick like his on that bloated body, what a waste! get back in shape ron and be my stroke fantasy again!
I concur with Jeanette, hot vid.
I used to sit in theaters back in the day and salivate while watching Jeremy's gorgeous fat dick get worked over and drained, or watching him buried deep in some angel. Wait, I still do!
Thanks for the info.
Kitty Yung
So sorry for all the beautiful porn stars that had to perform with the disgusting fat Ron Jeremy, he makes hard to watch the action. Keep your eyes closed Christy baby.
nice to see a hairy cock and balls for a changeĀ 
love the cell phone?That bitch can sure eat pussy now to think she is someones grandma!!