The Way You Love (1973) Short


By far the sexiest porn star ever.
Vanessa D'Oro
First saw this cute girl in TABOO with Kay Parker. She is fucktastic.
Yes he was wonderful. He had such an incredibly beautiful, muscular body, a handsome face, was so sexy, a really good pussy eater with a nice thick cock, that I could not fault my wife, a beautiful Tennessee redhead, from lusting after him and wanting to rent his videos every weekend! I even bought her a black dildo modeled on his hard cock and she loved it! I loved to watch her use it while watching his videos! She would coat it with creamy pussy juice!
Vintage Lesbian Porn, I'd love to see that in HD. Probably not going to happen though
I first saw this full movie in a theater in the 80s. I cancelled appointments and stayed there all afternoon. Nice memory. Goes on my Ipod for sure.
well this porno didnt get me horny at all i couldnt stop laughing instead lol but then suddenly it got a bit sexy